Wednesday, July 13, 2016

T-Storms Likely Tonight!

Thunderstorms are looking likely this evening, firing up after 4 PM.  This may bring our greatest and most widespread chance of rain and storms in many weeks.  The difference this time is that two distinct waves of energy are tracking toward our area with ideal timing to bring thunderstorms this evening. See the storm clusters already on radar in the Central Plains.
Latest Satellite & Radar
Thunderstorm chances will arrive after 4 PM.
Hour By Hour -- 7 PM
 Heavy downpours will be possible as thunderstorms continue through dusk. 
Hour By Hour -- 9 PM
The threat of storms will continue through midnight.  Gentle thunder and lightning may still be heard as you head to bed tonight. 
Hour By Hour -- 11 PM
How much rainfall will be possible?  It may sound a bit hopeful, but many areas could see over 1" of rainfall.  
Total Rainfall Possible
~Meteorologist Chris Vickers
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