Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Could the next storms head south?

Thursday  6:00 PM
A complex of storms may be
producing severe weather in Illinois.

Thursday  8:00 PM 
A powerful line of storms may be
threatening the Indianapolis area.

Thursday  11:00 PM 
The threat of strong thunderstorms
and heavy downpours may be
moving into Cincinnati.

Friday  3:00 AM 
The best chance of rain here in
northwest Ohio may be late Thursday night.
Once again the word "chance" pops up.

This is just one possibility.
Keep in touch with the First Alert
Weather Team and be prepared to track
stormy weather out to the west Thursday.

We will see if this track to the south verifies.
As always the First Alert forecast will be
updated several times through the day.

First Alert 7-day 
If we miss out on rain the next two days...
The weekend will be cooler and less humid.
Dry weather is likely Saturday through Tuesday.

Robert Shiels WTOL