Monday, July 18, 2016

32+ Month Tornado Drought

Cloverdale, Jerry City, North Baltimore and Oregon no doubt haven’t forgotten the tornadoes on November 17th back in 2013. The First Alert Weather team was able to give 7-days warning of severe weather that day. But little did we know at the time, it would be over two and a half years before our next touchdown. 

               We are now entering our 33rd month without a tornado touching down in our viewing area. That ties it for the longest twister-free streak since accurate records began in the 1950’s. 

               As of Monday afternoon our forecast includes the chances for scattered strong storms by the upcoming weekend, but these typically feature more straight line winds than tornadoes. A First Alert Day has been issued for Saturday for the threat of hot summer heat and strong storms. Please stay tuned for more updates. Download and check the First Alert Weather App:

Below are images of the First Alert Tornado Report graphic. These are all tornado reports in our viewing area since 1951. Note each icon is a starting location of a tornado, not the path. Green indicated an EF0 or EF1, yellow is EF2, orange is EF3 and red is EF4. There has never been a recorded EF5 tornado locally: