Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Heat Wave, High Humidity

Get ready for soaring temperatures and overbearing humidity, because a heat wave is on the way! By Thursday afternoon you will begin to feel the air thicken up and the heat bear down. Temperatures will say lower 90s but will feel near 100. 

This hot and heavy air is coming from a bulge in the Jet Stream. This allows excessive summer heat and humidity to climb north from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Many neighboring states to the west and south are already finding themselves under Excessive Heat warnings, watches and advisories. We are expecting to be placed under similar cautions in the coming days. 

That is why we have issued three FIRST ALERT DAYS. Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been issued as First Alert Days to forewarn you about hot temperatures (low to mid 90s), oppressive humidity (heat index touching 100 degrees), and daily chances of showers and thunderstorms. 

Make sure to download our First Alert Weather App, follow us on online and always stayed tuned to WTOL for the latest update on these hot summer days ahead.