Thursday, August 4, 2016

Friday: chance of showers/storms

Morning sunshine will warm temperatures
into the middle 80s by the noon hour.

A chance of showers and storms
can be expected during the afternoon.

8:00 AM
Sunshine is expected early.

12:00 NOON 
Middle 80s likely by lunchtime.

2:00 PM 
Chance of showers and storms.

4:00 PM 
Chance of showers and storms.

6:00 PM 
Chance of showers and storms.

A cold front will bring the best
chance of rain this entire week.

If you miss out here the weather may
remain dry until next Wednesday.

Be sure to check out the weekend
on your First Alert Weather App.

Robert Shiels WTOL    @RobertWTOL

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday afternoon flooding in west Toledo

This was the scene on numerous streets
in west Toledo Friday afternoon.
Heavy thundershowers developed and
remained nearly stationary
between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

While portions of south Toledo and Monroe
county got a good soaking, it is clear from
this image west Toledo was hit hardest.

Rain accumulations of over 2" fell in an area
bounded by Laskey Rd. to the north, Dorr St.
to the south, Talmadge Rd. to the west
and Upton Ave. to the east.

Robert Shiels WTOL    @RobertWTOL

Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Outlook

A few spots saw some much needed rainfall overnight but most of the thunderstorms are long gone now. An isolated thunderstorm may develop this afternoon, but likely it will just be a warm and muggy day. 

Highs will approach 90 degrees, a very warm afternoon. 

It's opening day for the Seneca County Fair! Sure will be a warm first day at the fairgrounds but the week trends cooler as we go along. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

First Alert Days

That's right, we have THREE First Alert Days in the forecast, all thanks to this powerful heat wave that is building in the central part of the United States. 

This bulge of heat and humidity is allowing temperatures to climb into the lower to mid 90s and feel like 100+. 

Each of these First Alert Days not only bring oppressive heat and humidity but also storm chances beginning this evening. 

To track the storms and the heat for tonight and this weekend, download our First Alert Weather app so you can follow along with us. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Heat Wave, High Humidity

Get ready for soaring temperatures and overbearing humidity, because a heat wave is on the way! By Thursday afternoon you will begin to feel the air thicken up and the heat bear down. Temperatures will say lower 90s but will feel near 100. 

This hot and heavy air is coming from a bulge in the Jet Stream. This allows excessive summer heat and humidity to climb north from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Many neighboring states to the west and south are already finding themselves under Excessive Heat warnings, watches and advisories. We are expecting to be placed under similar cautions in the coming days. 

That is why we have issued three FIRST ALERT DAYS. Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been issued as First Alert Days to forewarn you about hot temperatures (low to mid 90s), oppressive humidity (heat index touching 100 degrees), and daily chances of showers and thunderstorms. 

Make sure to download our First Alert Weather App, follow us on online and always stayed tuned to WTOL for the latest update on these hot summer days ahead. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Heat Building, Heading Our Way

Since last week our team of First Alert Meteorologists have been tracking a big warm-up! Some of the warmest weather of the year so far far arrives late this week and into the upcoming weekend. 

This ridge of high pressure will first lead to head headlines in the central portions of the United States. Heat Watches and Warnings are already in place from Louisiana to North Dakota, including Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. 

Over the next few days this heat will spill into the Great Lakes, pushing our highs well into the 90's. Locally the heat Index (what it feels like) will climb over 100° in the mid-afternoon hours.

The First Alert Weather team has issued a 'First Alert Day' for Saturday. It's our way of giving you a heads up that this is a day to pay attention to. It will be one of the warmest feeling days of the year and the potential for strong storms exists. We encourage you to keep checking back with our forecasts this week to keep a close eye on the weekend developments. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

32+ Month Tornado Drought

Cloverdale, Jerry City, North Baltimore and Oregon no doubt haven’t forgotten the tornadoes on November 17th back in 2013. The First Alert Weather team was able to give 7-days warning of severe weather that day. But little did we know at the time, it would be over two and a half years before our next touchdown. 

               We are now entering our 33rd month without a tornado touching down in our viewing area. That ties it for the longest twister-free streak since accurate records began in the 1950’s. 

               As of Monday afternoon our forecast includes the chances for scattered strong storms by the upcoming weekend, but these typically feature more straight line winds than tornadoes. A First Alert Day has been issued for Saturday for the threat of hot summer heat and strong storms. Please stay tuned for more updates. Download and check the First Alert Weather App:

Below are images of the First Alert Tornado Report graphic. These are all tornado reports in our viewing area since 1951. Note each icon is a starting location of a tornado, not the path. Green indicated an EF0 or EF1, yellow is EF2, orange is EF3 and red is EF4. There has never been a recorded EF5 tornado locally: