Sunday, January 17, 2016

Monday Forecast in 3 Images

ALERT DAY: Very Cold Monday

Wind chills Monday morning will drop well below zero, as cold as -20°. This would almost certainty lead to school delays if not for most schools being scheduled off for MLK day. 

Some snow showers are likely from lake effect snow off Lake Michigan -- accumulations will be very limited. Likely half an inch or less. 

Now to the big news for later this week. We are tracking a storm system that will develop in the southeast Thursday. This will be a system to watch closely because of it's potential impacts locally. Right now the most likely track for this snow is along the east coast. Dropping the heaviest snow on some of the biggest US cities. A secondary track that is possible is the yellow track below. It is the least likely of the two paths but would have a high impact locally. Stay tuned as we watch this threat evolve over the next few days. If the blue (and more likely) track verifies, our area will end up with little to no snow.