Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Major Storm Potential Next Week

Snowfall has been well below normal so far this winter season.  Total snow is 9.4" for the entire season now into the end of January.  

A big storm is expected as a "Panhandle Hook" storm develops over the panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma.  This storm track is notorious, and the most favorable storm position for hammering our area with heavy, crippling snow storms.

However, there is very high agreement among computer models that this storm will go west and north of our area.  This leaves us on the WARM sector of the storm with the threat of heavy rain the most likely outcome.  Rainfall totals from this storm into early next week may bring 1" or more of heavy rain to northwest Ohio and southern Michigan.  Keep up to date on the details, lots can change as this storm is still nearly 7 days away!