Wednesday, August 21, 2013

From Below to Above Average August

 Up until this week, there have only been 5 days in the 80s this August. For less than 30% of the month, temperatures have been at or above average, leaving everyone wondering 'what happened to summer?'

Nothing to worry about, folks.
Summer is here.

Take a look at Wednesday's Almanac:

Almanac: Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
The page shows just the second above average day for the month of August, occurring yesterday, 8/20, with temperatures reaching the middle 80s for the first time since July.

Now that we've broken the mild pattern, however, what can be expected for the rest of the summer season?

SkyTrack Maumee River Cam, Wednesday Morning 8/21/13
80s will be likely through the rest of this week, and with a blocking High pattern setting up for next week, 90s look possible as well. 

A warm week ahead-- temps will remain above average.
So, even as the kids head back to school, and the summer season winds down, Mother Nature still has a few tricks up her sleeve, and it looks as though we're about to make up for all of those 60s and 70s earlier this year.