Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back-to-School Forecast

The week of back to school weather is historically summer-like. On average, temperatures in late August range from 81-83°. This 'normal' has only been achieved 2 times out of the past 6 years.

Back-to-School High Temp: 94°!
Monthly Average: 83.5°

Back-to-School High Temp: 84°
Monthly Average: 81.0°

Back-to-School High Temp: 90°
Monthly Average: 84.8°

Back-to-School High Temp: 89°
Monthly Average: 82.8°

Back-to-School High Temp: 91°
Monthly Average: 82.6°

Back-to-School High Temp: FORECAST: 88°
Monthly Average: 77° (so far)

2009 was a very comfortable year for students, but 2008 was a scorcher! This year will fall somewhere in between the two. With high temperatures forecast in the middle and upper 80s all week, the students will need to be in shorts and tshirts to stay cool.

Hopefully the schools keep the air conditioning running on high until temps level off, and the Fall season takes over.

Check out for a full list of Back-to-School dates.