Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Heat, Where Have You Gone?

The extreme heat that scorched the area much of last summer may have eased a bit from memory, but this year we have a clear reminder how much the weather can and does vary from season to season and year to year.  Last summer was miserable, a severe drought and record heat with 4 days above 100 degrees and a sizzling 32 days at or above 90 degrees.  Essentially, a full one third of the summer was 90 degrees or warmer.  This summer is quite the opposite.  Here is how this summer compares up to August 13th:

Not only has this August recorded zero days at 90 degrees or warmer, the average temperature is an astonishing 69.1 degrees which is -3.2 degrees below normal.  Long term weather upper level atmospheric flow remains persistent with a vast Great Lakes trough revolving around the semi-permanent Hudson Bay upper level low that has dominated much of the summer. 

Here is the monthly breakdown for the average temperature for each of the three summer months through this point in August:

June: 69.1° (-0.4°)
July: 72.2 (-1.3°)
August: 69.1° (-3.6°)

It does appear that more of a zonal (west to east) atmospheric flow may arrive toward the middle of next week which will mean some warmer weather going into the final third of August.  Despite that we are essentially guaranteed to end the month, and thus the summer statistically below average in terms of temperature.  It is still possible we could reach 90 degrees once or twice more this year but time is running out.  Here is the last 90 degree day and date the past three years:

2012 - August 31st
2011- September 3rd
2010 - September 23rd

Oh, and naturally the next question ALWAYS is "since this was a cool summer, will it be a colder winter?" Answer: NO.  (More on that in a future blog post!)