Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Mild August-- So far

Think back...

When is the last time we reached 80° in Toledo?

6 days ago.
On August 11th, the high temperature recorded at the Toledo Express Airport was 82°.

Now, for the more challenging question. When's the last time we reached 85° or higher?

25 days ago.
On July 23rd, the high temperature was 85°, and since then, we haven't been that warm!

While you may be enjoying these milder temperatures and a less than sticky August, it is atypical. No summer season is complete without a handful of scorching hot days and a few weeks worth of 80s. This week, we will return to 'normal' with highs back in the 80s.

7-Day Forecast Beginning August 17th
Before the pattern change takes place, we will have experienced only 5 days so far this month at or above 80°. 5 out of 16 days comes to less than a 30% occurrence of truly summer-like heat. 

So, like it or not, it's about time to say goodbye to the 70s for a while, and embrace the season with 80s coming back to claim the month of August.