Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Forecast Discussion

Maybe the weather is reacting to the recent stock market changes? Either way, we're in store for some significant changes around the region.

Since the beginning of August, temperatures have already varied drastically from July's. A high of only 82 degrees Thursday felt seasonable, but cool in comparison to recent highs in the 90s (the last time we saw a temperature of 82 degress was July 13th!).

Even my apartment pool looked deserted because people didn't want to swim in 80 degree weather! C'est La Vie, I say! More room for me :)

Now as we move into this weekend, temperatures rise back into the upper 80s, and that warm weather is accompanied by a chance of some thunderstorms. For Saturday, showers are likely throughout the afternoon and early evening hours. Then, Sunday, the exact timing is still unknown, there is definitely a chance of showers, with a risk of some severe weather in the form of gusty winds and hail at times as well.

Beyond that, we're looking at temperatures in the LOW 80s! ::Gasp:: and less humidity. Hmm. I think it's about time we get back to normal around here. Don't you?