Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday's Forecast

Some interesting temperature patterns lately are emerging as synoptic weather anomolies exchange control of our forecast. Going from High pressure to low, and tracking the movement of warm and cold fronts is typical, but temperatures jumping from upper 90s all month in July to near average almost everyday so far in August is definitely noteworthy.

After a large high pressure system released its grip on our region in the beginning of August (it's still got a firm hold on areas of Oklahoma and Texas) our temperatures returned to normal like clockwork. Aside from some showers and thunderstorms here and there, i think i can speak for almost everyone when i say this change has provided some much needed relief.

For the rest of this weekend and into the work week, we can expect temperatures below average. At this time of year, our region should be seeing temperatures in the low 80s. For today the forecast has us at 80 degrees exactly and into the day tomorrow, we're only looking at a high of 78. Overnight tonight will be very cool, especially for areas of Fremont and south of there, with a low in the low to mid 50s! Aside from a little added humidty today, conditions should stay dry. A spare shower or two doesn't pose much of a threat to our Sunday, and into the work week, things look very pleasant.