Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Storm Update

We're still on track for seeing 8-11" total snowfall across most of the area.  Some of you may see a lull as there are small breaks in the radar but it will fill back in.  Snow overnight, tomorrow morning & tomorrow afternoon.  Winds not too bad right now but I do expect them to pick up later tonight & tomorrow.  This will blow & drift snow around & create low visibilities.  The snow has a low water ratio which means it's very fine & powdery. 

We would love to hear how much snow has fallen in your area.  Try to find an open spot to avoid blowing & drifting...this will give you the best measurement.  Head over to our WTOL facebook page or post your amounts along with city & time you took your measurements on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGES - Meteorologist Tara Hastings or Meteorologist Chris Vickers.