Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowfall in Toledo City Limits

Just how much snow fell within the city limits of Toledo?  No, not just in your back yard, your neighbors, or even downtown.  I am talking how much snow total, if it could all be put into one big pile!  After one incorrect crack at it, I gave it a try again and I think my calculations are right now.  See the graphic below and my math to support it. 


Okay, the Toledo city limits is 84 square miles, which I calculate to be 206,988,400 square yards.  The recent snowfall was just above 12" which is 0.33 yards.

Multiply an area by a depth and Poof!  You have a 206,988,400 square yards multiplied by 0.33 yards equals 85,865,472 cubic yards!

WOW, that means this past storm dropped 85,865,472 cubic yards of snow just within the Toledo city limits.  Unbelievable!  Let me know your thoughts or comments.