Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow stats

While this last storm produced over 8" of snow in some of our Michigan cities, we had about 2 to 3" of accumulation in Toledo.

When we have temps near 30°, we normally get 1" of water from 10" inches of snow.  Recent snowfalls occurred when temps were in the low/mid 20s, which yielded 15 to 20" of snow from 1" of water.  So, if a storm brought about .40" of water with it, the snow fluffed up to 6 to 8" of accumulation.

The snow from Sunday night and Monday happened with temps in the low and mid 30s.  The snow was very wet, and it worked out to only 5" of snow from 1" of water.

Toledo Express Airport recorded 1" of snow late Sunday and 1.5" of snow Monday.  The storm snow total worked out to 2.5", and the liquid in the snow was almost 1/2".

The monthly snow total for Toledo is 18.8", which is 12.1" above normal.  The winter total is 33.8", which is 5.2" above normal.