Friday, February 26, 2010

Blowing & Drifting Snow

Unlike the slushy snow from Sunday night's storm, this snow event will feature the drier, fluffier snow.  Winds today will be 15-25 mph with some gusts exceeding 30 mph.  These northwesterly winds will blow and drift the snow a lot.

Winds will relax a bit tonight to the 8-18 mph range, and then 5-15 mph Saturday.

In addition to reduced visibility (and getting pelted with snow while you are outside), the winds will cause cleared areas to get covered again by the drifted snow.  Plus, it will not be fun if you are trying to use a snow blower while walking in a northerly direction.

We always welcome snowfall reports.  Please check out our previous post on how to take an accurate snow measurement.  With all of the blowing and drifting, it will be quite difficult to get a perfect measurement.