Friday, June 10, 2016

Stormy Saturday, but how Severe?

We know a couple of things for certain for tomorrow, its going to be hot (low 90s) and its going to be humid (very humid). The more complicated questions are, when are the storms coming and how strong will they be?

Our forecast for this First Alert Day is that storms are more likely beginning early afternoon into late evening. 3:00 - 8:00 PM is the window for the possible stronger storms. However, showers could start developing as early at lunch time. These storms will be scattered, not causing a complete wash out for your Saturday. The most likely threats include lightning, small hail and strong wind in areas of thunderstorms.

All of this comes down to timing and you can track these storms with us.

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But what can you expect for tomorrow? 
 Very Humid:

Very Warm:

Front Brings Showers/Storms:

Will all of your Saturday plans being ruined?

Not likely. It will be hot and sticky but those scattered afternoon storms and showers will be just that, scattered, not a complete wash out. So stay weather aware with our app, and we'll keep you most up to date with what you need to know.

-Ellyn Fritz