Friday, June 10, 2016

Heat Returns Saturday, Does It Last?

It almost never fails. Just in time for all the graduation parties, outdoor weddings and festivals the weather turns HOT! That is the case for Saturday.

For the past 7 days the First Alert Weather team has been forecasting this warm-up. The question is: Is this it? Do we simply dive into the summer heat and never look back, or is this a quick warm-up?

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Before we talk about where we are going, let's see where we are now: 

There is a ridge of high pressure developing in the central plains this weekend. This allows hot and humid air to spill into NW OH/SE MI. It also puts us on the edge of a stormy pattern. Although more widespread storms with this set-up are most likely into Ontario.

By next week the ridge has really broken down. Major heat is shoved into the southern states.

 Taking long range forecast models into account, they show some heat possibly returning near the last week of this month. But the pattern would also favor fast moving storm systems. This would be something to watch as strong/severe weather can be hard to forecast far in advance with this pattern. Often just a day or two notice is possible.

So are we stuck in a hot/humid summer pattern? Not by a long shot. The atmosphere is changing almost on a few day basis. This is a pattern where many will have A/C running for a couple of days and then open the windows for the next few. More up's and down's than steady heat or chill. 

-Ryan Wichman