Thursday, June 9, 2016

FIRST ALERT: Hot & Humid -- Severe Storm Potential

Our next FIRST ALERT Day is Saturday. Enjoy the comfortable weather today, highs will be in the middle 70s.  A warm front sweeps into the area tomorrow and will bring a much warmer and humid feel by late Friday.  A few isolated thunderstorms possible on Friday as the warm front arrives.

Hour By Hour -- 3 PM Friday
The door to warm and muggy weather swings open into Saturday.  Highs will be in the low 90s with a muggy, mid summer feel.
Hot & Humid Saturday
 Our ALERT DAY headlines highlight the hot and muggy weather which may fuel the threat of strong or severe afternoon thunderstorms on Saturday.  Some storms may have gusty, damaging winds and large hail.  Best chance of storms would be after 3 PM on Saturday. 
First Alert Day -- SATURDAY

 It turns much cooler on Sunday with highs back into the middle 70s along with dry weather.  Sunday is clearly the pick day of the weekend!
Hot & Muggy Saturday -- Cooler & Pleasant Sunday
~Meteorologist Chris Vickers
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