Friday, April 22, 2016

Glass City Marathon Forecast

Thousands of people heading out for the 2016 Glass City Marathon will be very happy with this forecast! Sunday will be a dry day but with the early morning start, it will be chilly pre-sunrise. 

Let's break down the forecasts by the major individual races. Starting with the 5k:

As is common for this race, given the time of the year and early morning starting time the 5k will be a chilly one! Race temps in the low/mid 40s.

In the longer races of the half and full marathon we will see a bigger impact by the sun as it gets warmer thoughout the races. Still, this will be a very comfortable racing temp with low humidity levels and relatively light winds. 

A ESE wind of 5-10, perhaps up to 15mph will develop through the morning. During the marathon miles 17-20 and 22-25 will battle this as a headwind. Otherwise near ideal race conditions are expected.  

Good Luck Runners!