Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cool Clouds Wednesday Morning!

Did you catch some funky looking clouds Wednesday morning? They are called Undulatus asperatus.

But let's not get too technical. These clouds form on the flanks of thunderstorms. The rapid motions in the t-storms causes turbulence in the atmosphere. Think of it the same way as the waves created if you move your hand up and down in a pond of water. These clouds are the same as the ripples that move out of the center of that water.

Usually when you see these in the morning, you have a good idea it is going to be an unsettled weather day. Today is the perfect example with more thundershowers likely and gusty winds! Enjoy some pictures from around the area:

UT, Austin S.

Instagram: Neon.Jess, UT

Davis Wells, BG
Raebekah Hadley, Toledo