Friday, April 8, 2016

FIRST ALERT DAY: Snow Forecast Update

Perhaps you waited all winter and never saw it, but the wallop of winter returns tonight and will blast the area with heavy bursts of snow.  Here is the updated snow accumulation map as of 11 AM.
Snow Accumulation Map
 This will bring a widespread accumulation of several inches with lower amounts on the outer edges of the main heavier band.  There will be a very small and narrow "Sweet Spot" that will bring a small corridor of up to 5".  Please don't fixate on exactly where this heavier snow band is because its exact position likely won't be known until the snow develops this evening. 

Heavy Snow Bursts & Thundersnow
The atmosphere is very favorable for heavier snow burst and also supportive of the possibility of thundersnow.  If you hear thundersnow, you will be in the vicinity of a very heavy snow squall that could bring snow rates of 1-2" per hour.

Winter Weather Advisories as of 11 AM
Snow in April is not all that rare, however in the last 20 years we have had over 1.0" of snow in April only TWICE (2005/2007).  Tonight could bring the greatest April snow in over 20 years! April of 1994 had 7.0" of snow in Toledo!

I hope you didn't put the snow shovels away!

~Meteorologist Chris Vickers