Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Alert: Updated Snow Accumulation

We will hit the weather Trifecta the next three days...Sun, Rain & Snow.  Here is the simple message that has been highlighted by our Alert Days for Wednesday and Thursday.  

Today: Sunshine & Dry

Wednesday: Soaking Rain & Chilly and Windy

Thursday: Accumulating Snow and Windy

ALERT Day Headlines
Steady rain will greet you out the door in the morning.  Have the umbrella and rain jacket prepared.  Greatest concern for flooding will likely be possible basement flooding in prone area.  
Expected Rainfall Wednesday thru Wednesday Night
Who will need the snow shovel Thursday after this storm is all said and done?  Snow will begin near or just after midnight Thursday morning.  Several hour of steady, slushy snow will occur through the Thursday morning drive.  Much of the area will total 2 to 4" of an accumulation.  The best chance of over 4" of snow will be far west and north of Toledo.  Be alert to very windy conditions Thursday afternoon with northwest winds of 20-30 mph gusting to 40 mph.

Thursday Snow Accumulation

~Meteorologist Chris Vickers