Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winterfest SUNDAY Forecast

 The much anticipated second outdoor Toledo Walleye game was delayed Saturday evening until Sunday at 5 pm. The reason? Rain all day Saturday.

The delay no doubt was an annoyance to fans and families who showed up and were waiting in the stands. But this could be a blessing in disguise for true hockey lovers. The temperature will be dropping Sunday night with a chance for snow showers. This should make for a better photo op for families and the community. (Albiet at the cost of a few more layers of clothes for many fans)

So what does the weather look like Sunday? Let's take a quick look:

Cold: Check Game temp: low 30s dropping to upper 20s.

Snow: Check (Maybe). Scattered light snow will be around, may take some luck to hit FTF exactly. Any accumulations would be VERY light.

Wind: Check. This will the annoyance of the game. A wind will be hitting the first base line fans in the fact. Wind chills will be in the teens.