Saturday, January 31, 2015

#SuperSnowSunday: Forecast Update

We are now less than 12 hours away from the first flakes of the biggest snowfall of the season. 

We've gone over this forecast with a fine tooth comb, and we, the StormTrack Weather Team, are confident that very minimal changes will need to be made from this point out. 

Here's the timeline of events as we see it:

Saturday Afternoon/Evening: Mostly cloudy, mild, dry. 
10:00pm: A few flurries arrive
11:00pm: Snow arriving from the WSW
12:00am: The leading edge of #SuperSnowSunday is now in NW Ohio

7:00am: After light snow showers through the overnight hours, a 1-3" dusting of fresh snowfall will be on the ground by daybreak Sunday. 

1-3" snowfall accumulation by 7:00am Super Bowl Sunday

9:00am: Light snowfall. Slow accumulation.

**This isn’t going to be a quick downpour of snow, then be over. This event has a long-term duration and will last for over 24-hours.**

12:00pm: 3-5” of snowfall is likely by midday. 
1:00pmAs we get closer to game time, heavier and heavier snowfall will become an issue for travelers on the roadways.

Most intense snowfall occurs between 2-8pm Sunday

2:00pm: Between 2-8pm, the largest accumulations will build, nearly doubling the current accumulations from 3-5” to 6-10”.
4:00pm: Visibility will be low, roadways will be snow covered despite crew efforts, and winds will be gusting up to 25mph, creating blowing and drifting.
6:00pm: Close to 10" of snowfall and growing.

*6:30pm*: Game time. Travel will be nearly impossible. 

8:00pm: Blowing and drifting snow. Winds 10-20mph, gusts up to 25.
10:00pm: Light snow for the rest of the evening & overnight hours. 

A total of nearly 1 foot of snow for Super Bowl Sunday
5:00am: Blowing & drifting snow. Light flurries. Final ending showers exit the area.
12:00pm: Winter Storm Watch/Warning expires.

Total event accumulations will range between 8-11” with isolated amounts up to ONE FOOT OF SNOW. 

This is, without a doubt, the largest snow event of the season.