Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ghosts of 2014 Winter Returning

You have to admit it. We have had a pretty easy winter so far. November was very cold but only dropped 2" of snow. December was mild and tied for the least snow on record for a December in Toledo history. But January is a new month and tends to feature the most dramatic winter weather and brutal cold. Just read Meteorologist Chris Vickers post about it:

And if the first 10 days of 2015 are any indications we are in for a long few months of winter this year.

If you take the average highs and lows from the 5th-10th on that forecast, you get a temperature of 9 degrees. Look at the numbers below. Slide that 9 degrees in and you get one of the coldest early January weeks on record.

Coldest January 5th-10th in Toledo History 
1912 4.50
1970 5.33
1942 5.50
1981 7.00
1875 7.08
1979 7.58
1988 8.25
1887 9.58
1884 10.33
1999 10.42

Why so cold? Our air both higher in the atmosphere and at ground level is quite literally coming from the north pole.

And speaking of cold....wind chills while not as extreme as a few days last year will be nothing to ignore. Check out some of the forecast model indications for Thursday morning. BRRR!

Don't forget about the snow. That is one thing that won't be like 2014 with storm after storm to start the new year. We are tracking a clipper that could bring several inches of snow to the area Tuesday morning. But outside of that most snow accumulations would be 1" or less for the next week.


There is obviously a long way yet to go in the winter this year but January is up to some old and cold antics that we experienced last year...