Thursday, December 18, 2014

UPDATE: Next Week Storm Potential

The chance of a storm bringing disruptive weather into Christmas next week remains a likely possibility across the Great Lakes region and up the East Coast.  The likely impacts include:

  • Rain
  • Gusty Winds
  • Snow 

Remember a "Storm" doesn't mean exclusively fact rain and wind may be some of the larger impacts of this storm. 

Rain will become likely Tuesday and into Wednesday with gusty winds increasing into Christmas Eve.  Rain may change to some snow into Christmas morning bringing with it the chance of a White Christmas.  Differences in model solutions still exist, which is expected.  Some indications have surfaced that the greater energy from this storm may transition to the East Coast.  If this happens, we'd still feel the impacts of this storm with rains prior to Christmas, gusty winds and limited snow showers into Christmas morning.

Great Lakes Storm?

East Coast Storm?

Stay tuned for updates!