Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pre-Christmas Storm Update

We have been tracking a storm that will impact the area in the days leading up to Christmas for the better part of a week now. As the storm approaches the west coast of the United States we are getting a much clearer picture of how the event will unfold on Tuesday, Wednesday and even Christmas itself. For the local area this will be mostly a mild rain event with very windy conditions.

TUESDAY: Winds will be steady but relatively weak throughout the day from the southwest. Rain showers are expected from near Chicago all the way east to the Atlantic Seaboard.

WEDNESDAY: Heavy rain showers are likely. Highs will climb into the low 50's. Winds will pick up through the day with wind gusts over 40 mph very likely by evening.

CHRISTMAS DAY: Air will turn colder near 30 with a few snow showers and windy conditions continuing. Gusts over 35 mph will continue to be possible. 

BY NEXT WEEKEND: Colder air will return on a more permanent basis. January has all the indications of being one very cold month....