Thursday, September 1, 2011

See ya later, Alligator!

August is now behind us for one more year as we usher in the month of September.

A brief look at how August unfolded both pleased and surprised me! Only ONE day out of the entire month had a temperature recorded in the 90s! That day was the first of the month, and was followed by a subsequent string of 80s with a few 70s sprinkled in. The average high for the month was 82.8 degrees (right on par!) and the average low was 60.6 degrees.

A quick look at the month's rainfall reveals a rather steady pattern, aside from our major thunderstorm event on the 24th which dropped nearly 2 inches of rain on us! (In addition to the showers we received August 18th, but the Toledo Express Airport didn't record much rainfall even though some areas saw upwards of 2-4 inches!).

A total of 3.19 inches of rainfall for the month only deviates from the normal value by .04 inches.

I'd say, overall, August was a great and seasonable month! Now as we move into September, a season change may result in a few wonky days like the ones we have in this upcoming week (96 and 49 in the same 7-day forecast?!).