Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time to Freeze?

I can't take credit for this information (Chris Vickers spent the morning compiling some data for us), but I will say these numbers suprised me just a smidge.

Growing up in Buffalo, I remember spending Halloweens in my snowsuit (with my glittery costume stretched over it's puffiness) and freezing my fingers and toes off on my way to the school bus early in the year, but here in the Greater Toledo Area, on the other end of the lake, I had assumed things would be a bit different.

Beginning with our friends in Williams County, climatologically speaking, the historical average for the first day we should expect to see frost would be October 6th -- still over 3 weeks away from today.

Moving South, Lima folks are usually under that first blanket of frost by October 10th, while Bowling Green residents are only a few days behind on October 13th -- still nearly a month away!

True to my originl beliefs, the lake does play a big role in freezing conditions -- Sandusky and Put-In-Bay don't experience an official freeze until nearly the beginning of November... BUT contrary to all the facts, it looks like we're about to get some frost inducing temperatures and freeze worthy weather.