Saturday, September 17, 2011

From Brr to Ahh.

A brisk Canadian high pressure system ushered some very cool temperatures into our region this week.

With an average high of 76° for this time of year, yesterday's high of 60° was downright cold -- sixteen degrees below average! Not only that, but overnight cooling went to an extreme as well. Almost breaking the record low of 35° set back in 1966, Thursday night's low temperature dipped into the upper 30s for the first time since May 5th of this year. That's a fourteen degree deviation from the average low temperature for this time of year.

Now as we move through the day today, we look as temperatures slowly moving back towards average. With a low of 44° and a forecasted high of 68°, temperatures still have a clear depature from normal -- 9 and 8 degrees respectively -- but we are moving in the right direction, none the less.