Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunny, Warm Weekend

Things are shaping up to be beautiful outside this weekend. Temperatures in the 90s are warm, no doubt, but with less humidity in the forecast, i think it's safe to say people are much more comfortable.

Last week, with our summer heat wave and temperatures in the 90s, heat indicies flew into the triple digits, rendering some people useless without AC (myself being one of them!). Now as we approach August, July's scorching hot temperatures are behind us, and hopefully we can make a recovery into near average temperatures once again. For now, however, we're looking at at least the upper 80s if not low 90s for the first week of the new month.

Speaking of July's heat... We have secured the record for second hottest July on the books, but it looks unlikely now that temperatures will suffice for us to knock off the first place leader and have the hottest July ever recorded.

For now, stay cool and enjoy the last day of the second hottest July!