Monday, July 25, 2011

Record Heat Wave Ends

The record heat wave has come to and end...for now at least! More on when it will return in just a minute. We did rack up 9 consecutive days of 90° or warmer that covered a stretch from Saturday July 16th through Sunday July 24th. While it was a persistent and impressive heat wave it did fall 2 days short of a tie for 11 consecutive days at 90° or warmer in August of 1959.

What remains amazing is that the total 90° days this month now stands at 17 (with several more in the forecast!). This means that roughly 70% of days so far this month have been 90° or warmer! In fact, July of 2011 will likely be one of the warmest on record.

1. 79.0 1921
78.9 2011* unofficial
2. 78.6 1916
3. 78.3 1955
4. 77.8 1931
5. 77.6 2002
6. 77.6 1949
7. 77.6 1935
8. 77.5 1901
9. 77.4 1934
10. 77.3 1999

We currently rank 2nd on the list for all time warmest July's and I expect more heat is in store later this week. Here's why. The recent heat wave has not "moved on" it has only been suppressed back south for a short time. The dominant ridge anchored over the southern plains and the southeast will hold its ground sending the jet stream back north into Canada allowing a hot, humid zonal flow in the atmosphere (Generally a west to east flow). This should bring temperatures back into the 90s by Wednesday and remain there until at least the beginning of the weekend.