Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rainy Thursday/Friday

Hot, Hazy, Humid... And now rainy too!

After much discussion with fellow Meteorologist Ryan Wichman, we've come to the agreement that today's temperatures need to be adjusted slightly. With convection spreading in and around our area, the chance of storms is dominant throughout the day today, as well as tomorrow. Keeping that in mind, temperatures yesterday only reached 84 degrees. By 11AM today, temperatures had reached 82 degrees already, so i'm confident in putting 88 for today's high, while maintaining the chance of showers.

It's common practice to adjust forecasts based on previous data, but as Chief Meteorologist Robert Shiels would say, each forecast is it's own independent story. For that reason, i'm looking at today's data with fresh eyes, and forgetting why and how things developed the way they did yesterday.

At the very least, we'll expect plenty of clouds and rain today. Non-severe showers may provide us with heavy rain at times (Iowa received over 14'' in less than 24 hours!), but besides a little extra water on the ground, it doesn't raise much reason for concern.

We'll leave the haze behind us this weekend. As a high pressure system builds into the area, Saturday and Sunday both look picture perfect with temperatures near 90 and much drier weather.

For now, TGIT. Enjoy your day :)