Friday, October 16, 2015

Planetary Trio!

You won’t want to miss Venus and the early morning planets, especially in late October. Venus, Mars and Jupiter all meet up in the last week of October to present the closest grouping of three planets until January of 2021.  Ever wonder what that bright "star" is before sunrise in the eastern horizon?  Well, that's Venus!  Don't miss Mars and Jupiter (and Mercury too!)

Night Sky on October 17th -- 

Jet Express Cam Screen Capture (5:15 AM)
Mars is nowhere as bright as Venus or Jupiter. As October progresses, Jupiter climbs upward toward Mars. Jupiter will finally meet up with Mars for a close-knit conjunction on October 17th. After that, Jupiter will continue to climb upward, away from Mars, to have a conjunction with Venus on October 26th.

Night Sky on October 26th --