Thursday, October 15, 2015

Goodbye Algae, Hello Fall!

The end of the Algae season has long been upon us.  Here is some visual proof from the MODIS satellite image from October 12th.  Remember the lime green algae from the summer?  The satellite image depicts the current algae, but much like the leaves on the trees which are no longer producing Chlorophyll, it has "died" off and has turned brown. This means the algae is no longer producing chlorophyll or the microcystin toxin that has plagued the drinking water.  As a result, a brown color is evident on satellite where the algae blooms were and still are.  There will be a continued rapid reduction in the algae as daylight grows shorter and the lake water temperature plummets deeper into fall.  

MODIS Satellite 10.12.15

Put this to rest, enjoy the beautiful fall colors and we'll talk Algae again next summer!  

Credit: Norman Fairman
Credit: Norman Fairman