Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Prolonged Mid-November Chill

No doubt about, the cold season has arrived once again in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. Following a chilly summer and downright brutual winter it doesn't quite seem fair for the cold to be back so soon.

Highs over the next 7 days (and longer) are expected to top out in only the 30's for highs. If you think 30's for highs aren't extreme for November you're right. What is different this time will be the length of the cool down and how wide reaching it will be.

Lows over the next week will drop as low as freezing as far south as northern Mexico and the Gulf Coast.

Locally, our latest 7-day forecast for Toledo shows that the cold is not just going to be with us for a couple of days but for at least the next week, likely 10 days or longer.

So, how rare is that for mid-November? Try once a century. Only once, in 1937, has Toledo recorded highs at or below 37 degrees for a week straight.

   YEAR     NOV        DAY       HIGH      LOW  
1937 11 17 35 28
1937 11 18 32 26
1937 11 19 31 26
1937 11 20 26 21
1937 11 21 28 18
1937 11 22 32 25
1937 11 23 35 19

Never has that streak lasted more than the 7 days. The next week and a half has a serious chance to be the first.