Monday, November 17, 2014

November Arctic Outbreak

It's no secret this has been a very chilly November, but our coldest day yet is set to arrive on Tuesday. Highs will struggle to reach 20 degrees with wind chills in the morning below zero! The record Tuesday for the coldest high temperature is 23, a feat we should easily beat on the cold side. And while there is some hope for a brief warm-up Sunday and into Monday next week this is one very cold forecast for November!

So why the cold snap now? The reason can be broken down into one simple weather term: Cross Polar Flow. It's name is exactly what it sounds like. Air from SIBERIA is racing across the arctic and taking direct aim at the midwest. Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan included. Watch this video to see how it works: 

And when we plot the past 180 hours at different levels of the atmosphere, it is clear to see that our air originates from a very chilly part of Russia.