Thursday, October 23, 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse

Though we won't have a picture perfect view in Northwest Ohio, residents in the Toledo area should still get a glimpse of the Solar Eclipse on October 23rd.

Thursday's partial solar eclipse will occur just before sunset for our region. Beginning at 5:00pm EDT, the moon will move between the path of the sun and the Earth, slightly obstructing our view of the large star.

Partial Solar Eclipse; Moon bisects the direct path from Earth to Sun.

Due to the timing for Northwest Ohio, only 10% of the sun will be obscured, but as much as 60% of the sun will be obscured for viewers in Alaska who are able to catch the sight before sunset.

Different phases of the partial solar eclipse as seen across the country.
Because this is only a partial eclipse, the sun will momentarily appear crescent-shaped. The moon's shadow will cast off a percentage of the sun's glow, seemingly taking a bite out of the orb!

Partial Solar Eclipse

This stellar treat will be visible by most people in North America, with the exception of the east coast due to the timing of Thursday's sunset.

The best time to look for the eclipse will be between 6:00-6:30pm. Sunset occurs at exactly 6:40pm.

A friendly reminder: Don't look directly at the sun.. or into a mirror! Eye damage from looking at the sun can occur with just one glance. Instead, use a pinhole device, or simply make your own using a sheet of paper.