Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Full "Blood Moon" and Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

The peak of the fall color season is nearing and the leaves are dripping with color.  Now the full "Blood Moon" or Hunter's Moon will paint the nigh sky with more color!  Tonight's full moon -- the first after the Harvest Moon -- will have a orange, rusty or reddish appearance.  
Courtesy NASA:  Full "Blood Moon"
In addition a Total Lunar Eclipse will happen tomorrow morning!  And yes I expect it to be visible in our area! By tomorrow morning the full moon and eclipse with be in the southwest sky headed toward the westerly horizon as morning approaches.  The beginning of the eclipse starts at 5:15 AM sharp.  The moon will enter into Total Eclipse by 6:25 AM

Angle of ecliptic – or path of the moon 

Who will see the October 7-8 total lunar eclipse? The October 2014 full moon passes directly through Earth’s dark (umbral) shadow. The total part of the October 8 eclipse lasts nearly 1 hour. A partial umbral eclipse precedes totality by about one hour and 10 minutes, and follows totality by about the same period of time, so the moon takes about 3 and 1/3 hours to completely sweep through the Earth’s dark shadow.  (Excerpt from earthsky.org)

Why the orange, rusty or reddish tint?  It is due to the the scattering of light through the earths atmosphere especially around sunset and sunrise.  The red and orange pigments are "scattered" from the spectrum and therefore become visible color that our eyes can see.

Full Hunter's Moon


 Eastern Daylight Time: Wednesday Morning (October 8, 2014)

Total eclipse begins: 6:25 a.m. EDT
Greatest eclipse: 6:55 a.m. EDT
Total eclipse ends: 7:24 a.m. EDT

~Meteorologist Chris Vickers