Thursday, March 20, 2014

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Spring officially arrived Thursday at 12:57 PM after one of the most brutal winters in northwest Ohio's history.  Enter spring, welcome alas!   Not so fast, hold that thought for a second...another blast of cold air is on the horizon through the first half of next week.

Our jet stream is plugged up by a significant ridge or "Blocking High" pressure system over the north Atlantic Ocean.  Like a huge NFL offensive lineman, this slows the atmospheric progression and will "block" a deep trough and very cold weather over the eastern 2/3 rd of the United States early next week.  (Sound familiar? Just like all winter has been.) Highs will likely only be in the 30s from Sunday through Wednesday of next week. However, on a brighter note, late next week that blocking ridge will flatten and a much warmer, more zonal (east-west) flow will develop across the United States. 

Late next week and into the weekend will be the first real shot of highs in the 60s for the Toledo area for the first time since December 5th of last year.  Who is finally ready for the warmer spring weather?  The first real possibility of 60s looks to come around March 29th to the 30th.  Overall, the last few days of March and early April look loaded to deliver!

~Meteorologist Chris Vickers