Monday, March 10, 2014

Go Home Winter!

Nerd Alert: Here is a complex weather map...a look at the atmosphere at about 18,000 ft, about the height small planes fly.  This shows the general height, or ridge and trough pattern that dictates overall long term temperature trends.  This snapshot looks all the way out a the end of the month of March.

Here is why temperatures will remain below average the rest of the month. A very strong, persistent Pacific Ocean High pressure system ridges the jet stream north over the west coast and into Alaska resulting in very warm weather west and into Alaska.  A deep trough and upper level low is locked over the Hudson Bay in Canada which will continue the overall general flow of colder air over through the end of this month.  This low is also pinched and locked into place by a semi-permanent north Atlantic High pressure system.   

Bottom Line Folks:  March will remain much colder than Average.

Spring is now less than 10 days away and I don't see any realistic chance of reaching the 60s by then. Very doubtful as well in the 10 to 14 day outlook. Even unlikely (less than 40%) of seeing highs in the 60s in the final week of March. This winter is like boxing Mike Tyson, can we hang in one more round???