Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Weather But Not A Snowstorm

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We are continuing to watch our next storm that will impact northern Ohio and southern Michigan during the day Tuesday into Wednesday. Rain will be the dominate type of precipitation, with relatively minor snow accumulations possible. Here is the latest timeline for the storm to unfold:

This snow will not be the light and fluffy type of snow we have seen the past few snow makers, this will be the heavy wet type. That means it will be hard to shovel but will also be tough to accumulate. A particular location may see 2-3" (especially in southern Michigan) of snow FALL but it will compact to maybe only 1-2" on the ground. Snow lovers will be disappointed with this one.

Here are expected snow totals through WEDNESDAY EVENING. When you wake up Wednesday morning, many locations in Ohio will have less than a slushy inch of snow. Snow bands will continue on and off Wednesday during the day that could lead to more accumulations during the day.

Stay Tuned for more updates!