Friday, April 15, 2011

Winds and Waves

The very strong easterly winds have been creating a problem for those who live near the lake.  These strong winds are pushing the water towards the western shoreline, causing waves over 6 feet high.  Lake levels have risen quite a bit, so those waves are riding on top of the higher water.  (Lake levels in the eastern parts of Lake Erie have dropped -- the winds are literally pushing the water from one side of the lake to the other).

Waves have been crashing against breakwalls, and some of the water may jump over.  There is the threat of some water hitting roadways near the lakeshore.

Monroe county in Michigan has issued a coastal flood warning.  More details HERE.

The situation will improve Saturday as winds become southwesterly.  Winds will be primarily westerly on Sunday, so this will slosh the water back eastward to the other side of the lake.  Our lake levels will drop quite a bit from their current state.