Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tornado Drill

On a sunny Wednesday morning at 9:50 AM EDT the roar of the tornado sirens screamed across the state of Ohio.  This time it was only a drill, but next time it may be the real deal.  As part of spring severe weather awareness week, implementing a disaster plan, such as a tornado drill at work, home or school could save lives when the real danger threatens. 

Keep in mind that when a tornado watch is issued, that means conditions are favorable for strong storms capable of producing tornadoes.  When a warning is issued, that means a tornado has either been spotted or indicated by Doppler radar.  It is necessary to take cover immediately when a warning is issued. 

If you are indoors, go to the lowest level of the building, like a basement.  If there is no basement, a closet or bathroom without window in the center of the building will do.   If you are outside, seek shelter in the nearest sturdy building.  If no shelter is available, lie down in a low area such as a ditch and cover your head.  If inside a vehicle or mobile home, these are not sufficient shelter even for the weakest of tornadoes.  Vacate either location and find a fixed building that would provide the necessary shelter from the potential tornado.