Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Hidden Danger Of Flooding

It is the most deadly severe weather hazard...Flash Flooding.   More fatalaties are attributed each year to flash flooding than hurricanes and tornadoes combined.  Interestingly, while it is the most deadly, many experts regard it as one of the most preventable.  Here is what you need to know to be safe:

Most of the deaths from flash flooding occur in vehicles.  Many people will attempt to drive through roads that are covered in water.   A simple rule can save your life.  If a roadway is covered with water, no matter the depth, turn around and find an alternate route.   Less than two feet of water will sweep most vehicles off the road and some vehicles may become buoyant in one foot or less.  Those attempting to walk through flowing water often underestimate the power of flowing water.  Moving water can knock an adult off their feet if it is much deeper than their ankles.  Some simple safety tips and common sense can keep you safe when flooding occurs.