Friday, January 1, 2010

January Almanac

The month of January features (climatologically) the coldest temperatures.  Normal highs only range 31° to 32° the entire month, and lows range 16° to 18°.

It has been as warm as 71° (1890 and 1950) and as cold as -20° (1984).

Normal liquid precip is 1.93".  Normal snowfall is 10.8", which is the snowiest month of the winter.

Of course these are just statistical norms, but they give you an idea of how January can end up.

Sunrise ranges from 8:02 am on the 1st, to 7:48 am on the 31st.  Sunset ranges from 5:16 pm on the 1st, to 5:50 pm on the 31st.  We gain about 48 minutes of daylight during the month.