Monday, January 11, 2010

Heat Hits Australia

 As many people locally are looking forward to highs in the 30s, a lot of folks in Australia were not happy with the 30s.  Their 30-degree weather was in degrees Celsius.

Temps hit record highs in Melbourne overnight, with the temperature at midnight of 37 C, which is 98.6 F.  The temperature hung around 34 C/93 F much of the night, making it the hottest night in 100 years.  

Australians had trouble sleeping in the heat, so they flocked to beaches and ice cream shops.

Trains were disrupted due to the heat -- either the absence air conditioning, or due to buckling tracks.

Other sections of the continent had highs above 40 C, which is 104 F.

 (some story info courtesy of CBS NewsNet)

 australia heat2

 (courtesy of Australia Bureau of Meteorology)