Friday, December 11, 2015

Record Weekend Warmth

How about this December warmth? New record highs are ahead! Here are the current standing records for this weekend:

Saturday -- December 12th -- 63° (1949) -- Forecast: 64°
Sunday -- December 13th -- 62° (1975) -- Forecast: 66°

High Temperatures: Well Above Average

High temperatures will be a solid 20 to 30 degrees above normal through the weekend.  Although it will be cloudy with areas of fog and drizzle much of Saturday.  Sunday will also be cloudy, but mainly dry for most areas.  Despite the clouds, bring on the warmer weather. A parade of strong Pacific Coast storms will drive a wave of energy into the southern Plains of the United States.  This well drive a developing low pressure system and a surge of unseasonably warm air into the lower Great Lakes.

Surge of Warmer Air
Highs this weekend will reach record highs. Only 8 times in Toledo's history has a high temperature reached above 65°.  This weekend will likely add one, and possibly another day to that count.

December 29, 1889 -- 70°
December 5, 2001 -- 70° 
December 6, 1998 -- 69°
December 2, 1982 -- 68°
December 3, 1982 -- 68°
December 10, 1971 -- 67°
December 31, 1875 -- 66°
December 5th, 1998 -- 66°

December looks to turn cooler late next week.  No doubt, the buzz will turn toward the chance of a white Christmas.  Historically, the chance for northern Ohio is around 30-40%.  An early look at this year will bring a lower than average chance at a white Christmas, likely less than 20%.

Historical Probability of a White Christmas